Login and Sessions
Daystar iStructural.com allows one user to login at at time.  Once logged in you can open multiple browser windows or tabs to access various parts of the website.  After a predefined period of inactivity you will be logged out.  The default period is one hour and you can change this using the Preferences->Session Timeout… menu item on the Projects page.

If you exit your browser without logging out Daystar iStructural.com will not know that you have closed your session.  If you try to login again before your session expires, you will receive an error message indicating that someone with your user name is still logged in.  You will also be offered a Force Login choice that you can use to close the existing session and allow you to login.  If someone else is logged in and you use Force Login their session will be closed and a new session will be opened for you.

The Calculation pages display a toolbar under the menu that allows quick one button access to the associated menu item.  If you are unsure what each button does, simply move the cursor over the button and wait about one half of a second.  A small window will appear displaying the menu item associated with the button.

Mouse Double-Click
The cursor will turn into a finger pointer over objects that can be edited with a double-click.  Double-clicking on a row in the Projects table will open a project editing dialog box.  Double-clicking in the Calculations table will take you to that calculation.  Double-clicking on objects in a calculation will bring up a dialog box that allows you to change or delete the object.

Mouse Right-Click
Right-clicking over an object will usually display a context menu that you can use to edit that object.